How to Renew Car Taxes Online

Renewal of car taxes in UK becomes essential in case the old one is nearing expiry. The driving and licensing authority sends a reminder to vehicle owners whose car tax disc is nearing its expiration. The task of renewing the car taxes can be done through phone, post office or simply through the internet.

Car Tax Online UK

The task of renewing car taxes online is fairly simple and the website for the purpose provides step-by-step guidance for this:

The first step is the application of the car tax renewal. The applicant must visit the DVLA’s official website and select to renew the car taxes.

After this, the website asks for the number plate and the 16-digit reference number that is given on the car tax renewal reminder sent to the vehicle owner.

The applicant then clicks on the button that reads ‘Apply for tax disc’.

The next page displayed is a questionnaire that asks certain important questions about the car. These questions include whether the applicant is the registered keeper of the vehicle or not, whether the owner has the car insurance or not and whether the car has a valid MOT test certificate.

Renewal of car tax online is possible only if the answers to all these questions are in the affirmative. Any negative answer would not enable the applicant to renew the car tax online. The applicant has to click ‘next’ in case all details are okay.

The next screen would ask for the reminder number sent by the DVLA through post.

The next screen would show the make and registration number of the car of the applicant. If these details are correct, he/she can continue with the car tax renewal application.

The website checks the validity of the MOT certificate and car insurance, the details of which have been entered earlier.

On confirmation, the applicant is encouraged to choose between the six month or twelve month tax disc.

Clicking on ‘next’ takes the applicant to the payment page.

Here the applicant has to make the car tax payment either through a debit or credit card.

The applicant can make the payment after checking and confirming all entries.

The disc is now ready to be printed.

Tax Your Car Online

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